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George VerwerGeorge Verwer is the founder and former International Director of Operation Mobilisation (OM), a mission involved in evangelism, training and church planting around the world.
He led this work from its inception in 1957 through to August 2003, then handing over to Peter Maiden. George is also the International Director of the Special Projects Ministry.
George is as passionate about the distribution of Christian books and literature as he is about missions which he does around the world as ‘Leader/Minister at Large’ with OM.

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1. George Verwer Collection 2. Hunger for Reality (Publish 3. Revolution of Love (Publish
4. No Turning Back 5. Grace Awakened Leadership ( 7. There is Dynamite in Litera
8. Out of the Comfort Zone (Pu 9. Pseudo Discipleship (Publis 10. Drops from a Leaking Tap (


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