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bakht singhBakht Singh Chabra also known as Brother Bakht Singh (June 6, 1903 – September 17, 2000) was a Christian evangelist in India and other parts of South Asia. He is often regarded as one of the most well-known Bible teachers and preachers and pioneers of the Indian Church movement and Gospel contextualization. According to his autobiography, Bakht Singh first experienced the love and presence of Jesus when he was an engineering student in Canada in 1929. Even though previously he had torn up the Bible and was strongly opposed to Christianity, he then became a Christian. He was India's foremost evangelist, preacher and indigenous church planter who founded churches and established Hebron Ministries. He began a worldwide indigenous church-planting movement in India that eventually saw more than 10,000 local churches. Singh died on 17 September 2000, in Hyderabad, India.

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1. David Recovered All 2. Sharing God's Secrets 3. The True Salt 4. Return of God's Glory
5. My Chosen 6. Behold I Will Do a New Thin 7. A word.... 8. Bethany
9. Come let us build 10. How to find God's will 11. God's dwelling place 12. Fulness of God
13. So Great Salvation 14. Divine Principles for a ha 15. The Greatest Secret 16. Highway to Victory
17. Joy of the Lord 18. Holy Spirit 19. Glory 20. Looking unto Jesus
21. Forty Mountain Peaks 22. Much business 23. Inheritance 24. The overcomer's secret
25. Perfect 26. seven heavenly 27. true liberty 28. voice
29. salvation 30. walk 31. strong foundation 32. lamb
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